Zoo Trip

It has been a while since I made up my mind to write this post, it’s just that finding the time has been difficult. I wanted to detail the trip our family took to the zoo the weekend before Halloween.

Well, this was our first family trip that was not going to a family members house (ie. grandma and grandpa’a house).

We left early in the morning and packed a lunch (seen below) and planned to be at the zoo for a while.


When I laid all those food out I was shocked at how much food I a family of 5 needed for 1 meal. We are almost everything, save for a couple of the applesauces.

Besides the lunch shocker, we had a pretty good day. Some minor breakdowns but we handled them and moved on. When at the zoo we rented a double stroller and it was SOOOO worth the money! In the outside exhibits, all 3 kids cuddled and bundled up in there and we could go as fast or as slow as Joel and I wanted.

The animals were kind of boring. I kept telling the kids we must have gone at nap time. And especially after growing up going to a zoo ranked #3 in the nation I think I am a bit spoiled by zoos.

The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals and even posed with sleeping bears and tigers (through glass of course).

We ended the day with about 30 mins playing in the zoo playground (which was amazing). I think that the playground was by far the best part.

Then we got into the car and took three tired (missed nap) kids home for some hot chocolate and movies and cuddling.

Overall it was a good day


One thought on “Zoo Trip

  1. Wow sounds like a lovely day.

    As for the food, if you think that’s a lot you should see what we get through, my 3 girls have massive appetites and eat lots of food, which is surprising considering how skinny they are lol 🙂

    I would have packed 3 of the following for them and then a sandwich for me and daddy would probably eat the same at the girls:
    Sandwiches (2slice bread each)
    Piece of fruit
    cheese string
    Bowl of grapes for sharing
    Bowl of cocktail sausage for sharing
    Bowl of crisps for sharing
    Bowl of pork pie/sausage rolls for sharing
    Perhaps some chocolate covered rice cakes and some small snack bars oh and of course drinks.
    Sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to buy food whilst we’re out! Lol 🙂

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