Much Better Day!

Yesterday I wrote about attachment issues and how they are rearing their ugly head in the life of S and in our family life. Last night after I wrote that post, Joel and I talked about how to approach the rest of the evening. NOTHING in my wanted to go downstairs and speak with S, fearing that she would just go off again and I would get frustrated again and I was just WAY to tired for that. Joel and I talked that we need to go both go down and talk with her. Let’s just say that the night ended better than it started. We ended the night with me rubbing S’s back on the couch while watching TV.

All the kids got a great night’s sleep last night (which helped a lot!) and I got plenty of sleep. In the midst of my breakdown last night, Joel offered to take over the morning routine today. He forgot by this morning, but I remembered and that sweetheart took over the whole morning routine and didn’t get me up until it was almost time to take S to school. I woke up to happy kids who had a happy mom. This whole day has been better. Got a ton done, found a new park we love, the kids put on a play for us and a fashion show (featuring PJ’s). All before we had dinner at a friend’s house.

I can tell you that Joel and I were nervous about dinner, would the kids behave? We also wondered if the family that invited us over knew what they were getting into, our kids have TONS of energy even on good days! Luckily this family that invited us over is well-versed in kids and had stuff for the little ones to do and a great meal ALL the kids ate! I can’t even tell you how nice it was to relax, talk with other grown-ups and not have to worry about dinner or cleaning (not that I am the one to do that at home anyway, but still). I am also finding that I am becoming more trusting of the kids. I give them the space they need to play with each other unless it is too quiet or I hear yelling. They need to figure it out. Compared to dinner at grandma and grandpa’s the weekend the little one’s moved in, I was so impressed with my kids. They asked each other for what they wanted, they were so polite. They took turns and when there was an issue S came to me to tell me about it instead of dealing with it herself!

I so needed a great day today to fall in love with the kids again and see why they are so great. Sometimes on really hard days, it is hard to see all the progress and amazing personalities my kids have.

This wonderful day ended with our littlest, P, randomly starting to say our last name over and over and over. He then proclaimed it to be his name, C’s name, S’s name, and Mom and Dad’s name. It like he couldn’t get enough of saying our last name! My heart was just so full! I so wish I could post the video.

I am so glad for days like today and wanted to write about it and take lots of pictures and videos so that I can look back on today when I have days like yesterday


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