Life as a Mom

I have not been blogging as much since the kids moved in as I had planned on or wanted to but time has a way of evaporating into thin air when there are three children running around. There is always more dishes, laundry, toy wrangling, back patting, hug giving, and scheduling to do. Not even to mention sleeping and having time to simply talk to Joel! I am more tired that I have ever been in my entire life but I am also finding myself stopping in the middle of activities and just smiling. Thinking, this is it. This is the reason that I have energy and time! Things are changing around here that is for sure, but I am finding my rhythm as a mom.

Today for example, S got to school on time and there was no fighting or crying (or TV watching) in the morning. 4 loads of laundry got folded, washed, and put away and 2 loads of dishes got done. All while playing with the two little ones, making lunch, and having a rest time. I also braved taking the three kids out to dinner by myself (well, Joel met us there, but the kids just couldn’t wait as we were all hungry) and they did really well!

Here are some of the things that I have learned:

– If 1 kid has something and the other two see it, it NEVER fails that the other 2 will want it immediately.

– I literally told a child today, “Stop saying my name” when they kept repeating “mom, mom, mom, mom” over and over. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. I wonder if over time I will stop responding to Katie. I know that I have been referring to Joel as Joel less and “Dad” more. Of all the changes, I am most ok with this one. I longed to be honored with the title “mom” for so long. I’ll admit that sometimes it doesn’t feel like such an honor when kids are disrespectful and whinny, but I have to remember that every kid has days and limes that are like that.

– My kids are amazing!!! Even when they are whinny and disrespectful they are still coming to me for comfort (or at the very least some days not running away from comfort and accepting it when it is offered) They are learning what is ok and not ok, even if it takes what seems like FOREVER to learn this, and they continue to show love.

– Karma is a B****!!!! I think all parents go through this realization at some point in their parenting life. The realization that their children are exactly like they are and they owe their parents a huge apology. I thought that maybe since we were adopting I could escape this embarrassing aspect of parenthood, but alas, that was not to be. Over the past 5 weeks that C has been here I have come to realize that she is a younger me. The “negative behaviors” that she displays, the whining, stomping off to her room, saying “You can’t make me” or “Yes, I can!” or yelling are the same things that I did as a child. She is definitely a handful at times, especially lately for some reason, but so was I. All our kids are going through a HUGE adjustments and are all a handful at times, but C tends to make me the most frustrated and I have come to realize that is due to the fact that she is most like me. All my children can drive me crazy at times, but C is the only one that can drive me crazy because she responds exactly like I would have.

– I am an overprotective mama bear, but sometimes that is exactly what my kids need.


One thought on “Life as a Mom

  1. Lovely post! I found myself outside in a parking lot apologizing to my mom 3,000 miles away for my tween self after about 4 days with my new daughter! I think my mom has been waiting for that call for a long time! 🙂 All the best!

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