Life as a Dad (Guest Post)

This, being my blog, has little to no input from my husband. It is my place to vent, find support, and just waste hours and hours finding the right words to say. My husband wrote an awesome poem and (with his permission) I am sharing it here so you can have a feel for his side of the equation. So much has changed for us in such a short amount of time. This poem really portrays my husband, facing a big change with such humor and fun. I am so glad to be on this journey with him!

Now the poem:

All three children now asleep.
All are dreaming without a peep.

Noah Jones and Christmas carols
lull them to sleep without any peril

Now daddy gets to play.

Battle field 3, a glorious game
too tired to snipe, what a shame.

Bio-shock infinite with a story so intriguing,
in a few moments, I will be dreaming.

In Fallout New Vegas you explore the wastes.
Maybe some day I’ll know how that tastes.

Being a parent and a gamer is kind of hard.
When the games you want to play will leave your kids scarred.

So playing at night is the obvious choice.
Until you hear that little voice.

…Daddy? May I please have some water?
What are you doing out of bed, it’s 11:00 pm, my lovely young daughter.

I was trying to sleep, but I heard you play.
So I had to get up, it was too hard to lay.

So now when I game, it’s when I poop, all alone.
The game I get to play is Sudoku on my phone.

– Joel L


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