Healing Comes Softly

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Peace in the Midst

Have you been abused? Have you been mistreated? Have you been broken beyond all hope of repair? If so, I understand. I have been there. I prayed for healing. I waited for healing. And when healing didn’t come, I sought healing through counseling, therapy, programs and antidepressants. And as I looked for healing, life passed me by. So I decided to live life through the pain. Attempting to pause life while waiting for healing was allowing my abuser to win. Even though he was long gone, he was still in my head with attacks far worse than physical.

So I lived life as best as I could. I refused to have fear be my constant companion, so at first I walked with it, choosing to walk faster each day and soon I walked through it. Sometimes I would slow down and fear would come close again. I would remind myself…

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