The Upcoming Trip (AKA Why I am completely nuts)

I fear that I am completely nuts. Like, totally, completely insane and NOT in the good way! In less than a week (in 5 days to be exact), my husband, my three newly-placed adopted children, and I are traveling 6 hours south to visit family for 4 days/3 nights and staying at a hotel with a nice pool. All you adopted parents can now release your collective gasp of horror, I know, I know! I would have not planned this crazy adventure if it weren’t for my sister. My sister who knows that Jo-berg is African slang for Johannesburg, South Africa, who traveled more than 22 hours by plane to come back to the states, who I have not seen in over a year. In case you haven’t guessed it, my sister is currently a Peace Corp Volunteer to the African country of Mozambique (Moz for the locals, I guess). She is coming home for a 3 week long vacation and will not be back for at least a year, when her service is done. So me and my 2.5 month old family is hoofing it to go visit, ya and to see other people I guess to…. 🙂

We have planned our Christmas presents based on what will keep them happy and occupied in the car. We have a head-seat mounted DVD system ready, and I am searching for noise-canceling ear phones for Dad and I (I was only half-kidding on the last one!). We are trying to plan as laid back a trip as is possible. Most of our time will be spent in the pool (that is only ever 3 feet deep, perfect for the little ones) and eating out.

I am praying for peace, strength, and patience for this trip. I am also unbelievably excited to see my sister! I have missed her SOOO much and now I get to introduce her to my wonderful kids, and also introduce them to other family members as well.

I hope with all that I have that this trip goes well, but I am bringing the time-out timer just in case!


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