Christmas Eve

As I sit here, in our basement play room watching the kids play with some early Christmas presents reflect on what life was like last year for Joel and I. We were waiting on word of a sibling group we were in the running for. I was heartbroken at spending another Christmas without my kids, whoever they were. I actively tried to avoid every reminder of the holidays from Walmart to presents to anything else. I was wishing the time would pass by uneventful and without reminding me of the season.

Now I sit here typing while taking breaks to explain to children why it is that they can’t wear toeless shoes (even though they are being fancy) in -26 degree windchill and listening to Dad try and search the house for his last comb that the kids took to play with. I sit here, with a headache but a happy heart after figuring out one tradition I know will stick around, making pies with the kids for the holiday. This tradition was not planned but more just happened and I love it. I am also getting way to good at pumpkin pies so I may need to try a new kind next holiday.

I sit here with a tree and presents upstairs. More presents than I have seen since I was a child are laying under our tree and have been for a couple of weeks. The christmas miracle is that NOT ONE child opened a present. P did steal a present and wrap it in blankets and put it in the closet but did not open it and told us within 2 days. He said “You didn’t know that there is a present in my closet.” Poor kid has to work on keeping secrets, then again the mother in my says no he doesn’t!

My kids are so loved! Joel and I are SOOO blessed that they are in our lives. Last sunday was the children’s program at our church and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

It is really hard to keep a train of thought going with 3 children running around so if this post seems disjointed that is why.

The main thing I wanted to say is that God has blessed our family so much. Not only has God placed these children into our lives but he has opened their hearts to them. All of the children have accepted Jesus into their hearts since living with us and are truly understanding his role in our lives. They pray to God (mostly for food, even at bedtime prayers!) but sometimes heart breakingly awesome prayers. More Later


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