Christmas in our House

As I sit here and write, all three children are sleeping soundly. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome bedtimes are here. With bedtimes comes personal space and time to breathe and sit. I finally have a second to post. Christmas here was intense and amazing! After researching a lot about christmas we did avoid an issue that others have been plagued with. That issue is Santa. If adopted families do Santa, some have issues with their kids’ trust in them once they find out that Santa is not real (I am sorry to out Santa for any children reading this). Some adopted children wondering if everything else the parents have told them was true, like that they are their forever family. During our waiting time I was thankful to have adoptive parents I looked to to learn this and other lessons.

So our kids LOVED sitting on Santa’s lap at our church christmas program but knew that Mom and Dad were the ones buying the presents.

Our kids have had 1 Christmas before, and that was when they were in foster care so this Christmas was a big deal for all of us! I have to say that I am so proud of my kids. They got a TON of presents but only had minor “I want that” “Why didn’t I get that?” comments. Mostly P’s toys where in high demand since C and S got similar presents.

The kids all got along and SHARED they new toys. EVEN S and C!!!! I would say that it is a Christmas Miracle, but this has been happening more often recently.

The kids are also dealing well with the fact that we are taking our trip tomorrow. The packing of their clothes and toys was hard and P kept thinking that I was leaving for Omaha without him or that we were living there forever now. There is nothing that I can say to help, just hold and comfort him and show him with my actions what life is like here.

Our car is all packed with only a list of about 10 items left to pack in the morning. All kids to bed on time to get a good night’s sleep and this momma is heading to bed soon to get ready for our first family trip!



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