Lessons Learned Part 2

So these lessons are much more fun than the first lessons. First off, today is a MUCH more relaxing day than yesterday was. We woke up a bit later than usual. Well, everyone but P who was up at the same but I convinced him to quietly cuddle with me in bed until the other kids woke up.

One major thing I have learned is that 1regular size hotel room for 5 people is WAY cramped! I have learned that even though it makes things more cramped it is worth it to get a rollaway bed and bring our little inflatable mattress so that all the kids can have their own bed. There are 3 types of kids beds and 3 kids and 3 nights so they each get to sleep on a new one every night. So far so good. I have learned that it is REALLY had to fall asleep when 4 other people are already sleeping in the same room. I have also learned that putting 2 kids down for a nap in the middle of the day in a hotel is HARD, but C who really needed a nap went down for one. I told her that she did not have to nap just lay quietly until P feel asleep then she could get up and go play. Was lying, nope it is just my luck that he took forever to fall asleep and I just gave up and by that time C was sleeping.

I have learned that the Omaha Zoo is AMAZING with kids! It was amazing when I was a kid but it is even better when you get to watch the wonder in your kids eyes. I have learned that my kids either feel pain so amazingly intensely or not at all. C was quite literally running around and pulling my to different animals today until Dad and I finally said that she had sit in the stroller or be held. I have learned when kids are overwhelmed by the animals they want to be held. Our kids did great and mostly used their words and asked to be held and we brought reinforcements with us to help with the carrying and fun.

All the kids loved the aquarium where you can walk under the fish without getting wet. P however said it was “really fun and really scary”.

I have learned that I tend to forget to plan for lunch as I don’t get hungry so we ended up eating around 2pm.

I have learned that this trip is super stressful but it is also super awesome and the kids are being soooooo good. I am so unbelievably proud of my kids and how they are asking for what they need. They are showing good attachment to me and Joel and so far today has been a fun family day.


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