Things that matter.

Hello there readers. I know I have been gone for a while. Things have been tough, but getting better. I came across this amazing blog post and wanted to share. She does a great job of describing the changes that parents of older kids go through when kids are placed. I especially relate to the part where there was no “swapping friends” as her new kids were past the baby play date stage. And by like I mean relate to…

The Family of 5's Journey

There are so many things that we were unprepared for, but in all honesty, I’m not sure how we could have prepared ourselves any better.

We read the books, we met with other adopters, we researched and we listened to our social worker.

But there are somethings that no one could have prepared us for, not really.

I want to write today about the losses and changes that we would face ourselves, not the loss of hopes and dreams of a birth child, because for us, this wasn’t an issue. I’m referring to the losses and changes within our lives, it sounds dramatic I know but so many things have changed over the years and it hasn’t all been good. We’ve lost many friends along this journey, people who we once considered to be our closest friends we now call strangers. Some couldn’t handle the hard truths about adoption. Some…

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