Finding Our Routine

I have been a stay at home mom for about a month. That month has been crazy with holidays, our first family trip, my grandma getting ill and passing away and school starting back up. Needless to say, it has been difficult to find our routine as a family and my routine as a stay at home mom. There seems to be so much and so little to do at the same time. I could easily spend the day not really accomplishing much (stupid iPad!) and yet the chores pile up.

To combat this I have developed a schedule (shock of all shocks) of chores for each day of the week. Dishes are each day, each family member gets their laundry done 2 days a week, and the rest of the week is filled with random dusting and vacuuming and paperwork scanning chores. Each day has 3 chores and can easily be done in about an hour. It works great to keep the house looking nice and the laundry clean.

Something else that I have done is to find classes and events for the little ones (C and P) during the day. Thursdays are full as they are therapy days (3 hours of play therapy, 1 hour for each kid) which takes up the whole afternoon. Our local library does a child focused story-time two days a week which includes books, songs, AND learning to sit quietly for circle time! The local Early Childhood Family Education also does classes and C and P and I signed up for one, it has been fun!

Finally, I have started a preschool curriculum that I found online. So far I LOVE IT!!!! It is a 28 week course for an at home preschool. It is based on the bible and works through letters (in non-alphabetical order, I’m slowly getting over my OCD) and numbers and self-help and independence skills. We are in our second week. The first week we learned about the letter x, how God’s word is a treasure, and rectangles. This week we are learning about g, creation, squares, and counting to 10 with one-to-one counting.

So far the kids LOVE IT! The curriculum comes with great ideas to get the kids interested and all you really need is basic school supplies, the curriculum, and a Read and Learn Bible. It is great! This week we are making our own creation books with a page for each day of creation. The kids are drawing and coloring their own depictions of creation. I will try and remember to upload some pictures of the books once we have finished.

The past couple of days I feel like we are getting into the swing of things. After the kids go to bed I take time to stop and consider our life. It no longer feels like we are babysitting the kids but that we are a family. There is yelling and screaming and crying (which makes hilarious videos at times) but there is giggles and fun and playing.

We are finding our groove and I am loving it! This month has been hard but also good, it has been a time for growth and bonding for our family. Looking forward to the many months to come.


2 thoughts on “Finding Our Routine

  1. Yep – there’s a method to their madness when it comes to teaching letters out of alphabetical order! 🙂 It has to do with the way kids learn how sounds correspond with letters in reading.

  2. Sounds fantastic!
    I love routines.
    Before the children, I imagined that I would be spontaneous and provide loads of fun surprises.
    But, our boys struggle with surprises. So I have gone completely in the other direction. We have Neal plans, weekly patterns and heaps of family traditions. It’s helped the boys feel part of a family and actually it helps me feel like our family stands for something, even if that something is just going to the park every Wednesday, whatever the weather!

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