S’s Progress

I have been meaning to write posts about the progress I have seen in P and S for a while now since I wrote the C’s Progress Post. I just really got around to it, you know, kids….

Well today things happened that made my stop in my tracks and marvel at our girl. S has made amazing progress and I have a few things I would like to share.


1. While going through S’s backpack today to help her figure out what homework she had I come across the following piece of paper.



I would not be exaggerating if I were to say that my breath escaped my body as I imagine it does when someone is tackled by a linebacker. This simple note, written in a moment of frustration while at school, is the perfect picture of growth. When S came to us, she was very stubborn, independent and HATED asking for help. (Sound like anyone you know *she asks while slyly pointing to herself*) S would either attempt to do things all on her own of give up and have Dad or I do it all for her. For example, unpacking her room was 30 minutes of S telling me with minute detail where to put everything (broken crayons included) to 2 hours of my trying to organize a room while S and Dad hung out. Honestly, it was probably faster that way. Today, almost exactly 4 months after moving in, I find this. This simple note telling me that something is happening that she doesn’t like and that she would like to change it with my help. She did yell and scream or storm off when “A” was being “rood” to her. She calmly and collectedly wrote this note. To say I am proud would be an understatement!!!!!!!!! It humbles me that she chooses to confide in me and seek my assistance for her problems. (I should soak this up because it will probably stop once she is a teenager!)

2. Her room! The changes in S’s physical room closely mirror the changes in her. When she came to us, I was secretly diagnosing her with a hoarding problem in my head. She kept EVERYTHING. Broken crayons, ripped paper. Things that were very obviously trash. I am not talking about her understandable desire to keep things given to her by her birth family or foster family, I am talking about trash. Things that were not even in functional condition any more. On move-in day I mentioned that we could get new crayons and she said she wanted new crayons and then proceeded to tell me exactly were to put the broken crayons as we could not throw them away. Tonight after about an hour of S absence after the little ones went to bed I went down to find her room (a couple day long project) clean. The piles and piles of clothes and toys and books and junk that usually dominate the room were gone. In it’s place I see 3 trash bags and some storage containers. She has sorted her clothes into summer and winter and wants me to put the summer clothes in storage (under our stairs). She also has bags of toys that she does not want to keep in her room but not give away to keep in storage as well. She is beginning to sort through things and understand what is important and what to do with the important things. Knowing her history it is SO understandable that she would never want to part with anything and this step shows so much! On Saturday we are going to finish tho project and get some stuff already in storage out so she can sort it. S was SUPER bummed that I didn’t do that tonight.

3. The reason I didn’t get the stuff out of storage tonight was that it was a LONG day! 3 hours of therapy in addition to our regular school and preschool and naps and life makes thursday for a LONG LONG day. Tonight, as she was watching TV S looked at me and said, “Sorry mom for being rude”. I stopped what I was doing and looked at her and told her that she wasn’t rude at all. We went over a looked at the big calendar to see what we had done that day and I just told S when there are long days I get crabby. As I was getting home for yet another meeting for school stuff tonight S stops me and asks if I will watch TV with her when she is done cleaning her room. I say yes and she seems really excited and says “Yes!”. At prayers, Joel tells me that S prayed for me. Our relationship is beginning to blossom!







One thought on “S’s Progress

  1. This post gives me hope! I unpacked Hope earlier this week and yes, I saw three boxes of broken crap. I know that it was a hodge podge collection of things she’s acquired–all her worldly possessions and she was desperate to keep every broken bit of it. I see her in that collection of stuff. So I got a pretty box to put a lot of it in. She’ll finish going through it in time and decide to part with bits of it when she’s ready. I’m hopeful that I can post something like this in 4 months! Congrats!

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