Top 3?

There is an awesome resource that I want to share with all my followers. It is called the Adoption Social and it is an amazing place to connect with other adoptive parents. Sometimes (a lot) this adoption journey can be a lonely experience. When I found Adoption Social it was great to see a group of people that have gone through (and are going through) similar experiences. It is nice to be able to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with people that don’t judge you.

Not that my non-adoption friends and family judge me. It’s just that sometimes telling people (even those that really love and care about me) what life is really like is hard. I know that they try to understand but how can you really understand unless this is your life. I am so thankful about my adoption and non-adoption friends. I am going to try to be more mindful of connecting (besides just blog posts) with my virtual adoption friends. When things happen that are hard (like this week) life as an adoptive mom of traumatized kids kinda sucks. I need to be mindful of not isolating and “cacooning” but instead reach out for help and support.

So with that in mind I headed over to the Adoption Social to read some uplifting and thought provoking posts in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. However I got a surprise. The 2 ladies the run the website decided to post each one’s top 3 posts for the month and one of my posts was on it!

It was the post that was a letter to adoptive moms of older kids. I LOVE that post and sat in tears writing it. It is so nice to know that other people get it, like REALLY get it. Thank you ladies at Adoption Social for starting a community for people that get it!


One thought on “Top 3?

  1. Ok, I need to check it out. I’ve seen the adoption social mentioned severs places now, and it sound awesome. Congrats on getting some well deserved recognition – it was a really nice post.

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