First Birthday

With all that has gone on this week I forgot to write about S’s birthday. This past weekend was a big weekend in our house. S and Joel both had birthdays and we had a visit from my amazing mom.

S’s birthday was a pretty big deal. One of the first things she asked us when we first met was if we celebrated things like Christmas and Birthdays. She was so hungry for traditions and fun and we were do excited to give it to her.

We had a fun day saturday. Lunch with family and then a birthday party. (Note to other adoptive parents: DO NOT plan a party where there is a competitive activity). S wanted to go bowling so we planned a bowling party and got to work on invitations. I, as a mom, was just praying that people would show up so she didn’t feel bad. I was so happily surprised that multiple people showed up and had a great time. The issues began towards the end of the first game I noticed S standing towards the back between her turns. I went over to talk to her and she was upset that a friend was scoring more point then she was. She said that since it was her birthday she should get the most points. Poor girl. She wanted her first real birthday to be all about her. I could understand that, she had 7 years of birthdays to make up for. We chatted a bit and one of her friends came over to offer to help her bowl.

S did a GREAT job! We made it through bowling and went to enjoy our pizza and ice cream cake. Ice cream cake that read “Happy Birthday Crazy S”. She picked it, and I laughed and laughed. She loved it. She was graceful with presents given (which I was worried about) and did great. S and my mom and I then went shopping and did great with being told she couldn’t buy something or she needed to choose (3 months ago I had to walk out of a store with a crying S due to being disrespectful about being told to choose 1 or 2 things so HUGE growth).

We had planned to have foster parents over for dinner on sunday but S was complaining of not feeling good since late saturday night about stomach and throat ache. We took her to the doctor (the ER since it was sunday) and they said she had Strep so we got some meds and had to cancel the dinner. I was bummed that we had to cancel as I was excited to catch up with my kids’ awesome foster parents.

Overall I am so proud of S, she handled her birthday well and used her words when prompted (asked to open presents for family lunch in my bedroom with me and not in front of everyone and so we did) and took disappointment well, all with Strep!


One thought on “First Birthday

  1. Hooray! Well done on a fantastic birthday.
    I find birthdays are incredibly stressful, just getting through it with a few good moments is an achievement. So, it sounds like you all handled that spectacularly.
    Here’s to many, many more!

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