The Tooth Puller

My life as a mom has been mostly nothing like I thought it would be. There have been poop, boogers, screaming, crying, sleepless nights, early nights, early mornings, and then the kids have done some stuff too…. LOL wow, I think I am more funny then I actually am.

Anyway, on a serious note, there have been some things that surprised me about motherhood. Tonight is no different. S had a second loose tooth and tonight she asked me to pull it out for her. I pulled out her first tooth, but I always figured that would be it. But tonight, she asked me to pull it out. I kindly suggested that Dad do it, but she was insistent.

A little info on me: I have OCD, hate pain in others, and bodily functions. Pulling teeth is probably harder for me than for S. But we did it. And she thinks I a good tooth puller. How on rather did I become the de facto tooth puller in the family. I mean, Joel would be so much better at it and he WANTS to. But no, I guess sometimes you just want your mom. And I couldn’t be happier to be that mom!


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