Seeing Growth

Tonight Joel and U and the kids went over to some friends’ house for dinner and to hang out. We had it planned all week and I have to admit I was pretty excited about it. Since the kids came to live with us, we tend not to go out so much. By far the place we frequent the most is Walmart.

Anyway, we were going to some awesome friends’ house. We had been to their house about 2 or 3 months ago with the kids. When thinking about tonight compared to 3 months ago, I cannot even put into words how proud I am. Yes, there were fights, tears, and sassiness. However there was also using words, politeness, and eating food.

Tonight the kids played with Duplo’s (they built a zoo and a train) with minimal arguing or parental intervention needed AND they played dress up for about an hour with no major meltdowns. To put this in perspective, when we were last there 3 months ago they also played dress up but could not play without an adult actively settling arguments every couple of minutes. This time, they played for CLOSE TO AN HOUR with minimal intervention. They all ate a good amount of food (with minimal complaining) and got along well.

The adults even had time to play a grown-up board game!!!!! While the kids played! It was awesome!

I am so proud of my kids. Also, Joel and I are getting really good at evening outings. If we have to go out with the kids anytime after 4pm we have them get all ready for bed. Teeth brushing, wearing pjs, bath if needed. It works out nicely. We did it tonight and when we got home P feel asleep on the way home and C was ready for bed. We took of coats and winter wear and put them straight into bed. Getting ready for bed early is so nice…EXCEPT IF THEY WEAR FOOTIE PJ’S. Footie pjs are nice when it is cold, but NOT for this purpose.

This weekend, over at Adoption social the theme is friendships. Today I am thinking about parents’ friendships instead of children’s friendships. Right after placement I have to admit that it was hard to keep up friendships. It was hard to have anytime to contact and keep in touch with friends, to talk to people after church even. And since I stay home with the kids there really was no adult friendships to be had. Now that things are starting to settle down here, we are starting to get an accurate picture (no more honeymoon here!) of our kids’ needs, we are able to once again start to re-kindle some relationships. We are starting to reach out to others and spend time with them more. We are also trying to make more time to spend together as a couple. Having 3 kids drastically changes the dynamics of any relationship. Up until this point we have been choosing between extra sleep and spending time together after the kids go to bed. Our hope is to schedule a date night out once a month. My homework is to set up regular babysitters for the kids.

This was written for this weeks ‘Friendships’ theme, for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO, over at The Adoption Social.


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