Spring Break

It is spring break for schools in our school district so instead of 2 wild hooligans at home I have 3!! So far today has gone really well. We all slept in, or at the very least played nicely in our rooms until around 9:30am (amazing!!) and the had breakfast, meds, and got ready for the day. We then headed over to the gym. Thankfully the gym still had childcare over spring break week. I ran and hung out in the sauna even though all I really wanted to do was to sit and by lazy in the couch and EAT ALL THE THINGS!! We got home in time to eat lunch and Skype with Aunt Maggie from Africa. Then the two little ones had a nap (through much protesting) while S and I planed for preschool. When S is home she is my assistant teacher (which she loves). After nap we had school and now are finishing our art project while watching tv.

I hope to get out for a walk later since it is gorgeous!!! It has been in the 40’s all day. The kids even went from the car to the gym without coats!!! Spring is coming!


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