Spring Break Part 2!

So our week of spring break is officially over. Now just the weekend until S goes back to school. I have to be completely honest and say that I was DREADING the week. I figured winter, 3 energetic kids, and 1 parent was a recipe for disaster. Oh how wrong I was.

There were hard days, for sure. There were arguments and fights and yelling and crying. Heck there were even time outs and throwing things. But those things are now what made up the week. This week was made up of family bonding.

I have had more fun in my home this week then I have had in a LONG time. This week saw S being my assistant preschool teacher for C and P. It saw S reading the story of Joseph out of our kids bible and when a word was too hard, it saw C and P reminding her of the word since we had read it so much this week. This week saw me and my kids working together to solve problems and make creative things.

This week S learned the value of helping by being my assistant teacher. She learned to ask for what she needed as we re-evaluated her meds and she saw me give her a second chance by leaving the 3 of them downstairs while I went to the bathroom (all the while watching on the webcam, but still, a second chance). She saw that she can have fun with her siblings and still be loved for who she is. Most of all, something happened in my relationship with S. Due to S’s past she has a difficult time trusting people, especially women, even more especially moms. I would too if I was her. Anyway, this week I felt a change in her relationship with me. Up until this point I felt rejected by her and that made it hard to be open and loving with her (just being honest). This week I felt like she let her guard down. There were times when she would get anxious and be defiant and put her walls back up. Then, slowly she would let them down again. This week we had the time do that hard, time-consuming work of bonding and building trust. It has been hard and fun.

This week C and P did some awesome learning. We learned about Joseph and colors. We did some great playing and learning how to not be controlling and accept no as an answer.

Overall this week has been exhausting, but fun. Ending in a great 8 hour respite from kids! C and P’s foster parents watched all 3 kids for 8 hours on friday so Joel and I could have some down time. And what did we do with this time you ask? Well I took a nap, Joel played video game, then went out to eat and bummed around Walmart. It was so relaxing.


One thought on “Spring Break Part 2!

  1. Haha, I love that you have a video monitor that you even take to the bathroom with you. I have one too, and I’m not afraid to use it! The good news is that the need for it should diminish with time.
    I love how you spend your respite time too. Sounds like us. Why do we always end up at Walmart? There’s just something about going shopping, even just for groceries, without kids in tow that is so incredibly freeing.

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