NYC Here I come!!!

So Joel and I have talked a lot about this and I am SOOOOO excited for an upcoming trip to NYC. My amazing sister has been in Africa being a Peace Corp Volunteer since September 2012. She has traveled home 2 times and I have seen her 1 of those times. Some HUGE life changes have happened since she has been gone, babies have been born, people had died, and my family has gotten 3 people bigger. Luckily my sister got to meet the kids on our trip down to NE in December. We have talked with her, skyped with her, and made her presents (that I REALLY need to remember to put in the mail soon…) but man do I miss her! Well, she will be back in the USA for good this upcoming December. Her and my mom are planning a trip to NYC to celebrate and I was graciously included!

At first I figured there was absolutely no way that I could go, I mean I have 3 newly placed kids and Joel works and couldn’t take off a week’s worth of work to watch the kids. Then I realized the answer would always be no if I don’t ask, so I did. Joel and I had many conversations about if this is something that we could make work and how we could make it work. We finally came up with an amazing plan (and amazing people have agreed to the amazing plan!) Long story short, I will get to go on this amazing kid-free rejuvenating trip.

I have to honestly say, in especially hard moments, I think about the trip and how I will not be putting anyone to sleep or fixing meals or doing laundry and I smile and start to feel myself relax a little. Being a stay at home mom is amazingly awesome. I always wondered what I would find to fill the day, but I am more busy than I was when I worked. With doctors appointments, chores (hah, like those get done), making and serving food, school appointments, preschool, shopping, ext keeps me so busy I hardly have any time to do anything else at home.

As awesome and busy as it is, it is hard. You need to be emotionally regulated ALL THE TIME, and you need to emotionally regulate others. You are the referee, the judge and jury, and everything else. When Joel gets home from work it is SO nice to have a partner, but I can’t just drop it all on him either. We are finding a balance but it has been tough.

I say that all to say how excited I am for this trip. Joel and family have been great at giving me a couple hours break here or there but to have 5 WHOLE DAYS off. To be KATIE, not mom will be so refreshing.

I am a bit concerned about how the kids will take it. I don’t know when to tell them. I don’t want them to spend months and months worrying about it, but I don’t want to surprise them either. I am looking for tips from people that have been there before. The kids will be staying in a respite home (a family that we love that they know from pre-us days) as Joel has to work full time and it is an added bonus that Joel gets some time off too (except for taking care of Sammy, our dog).

So those who have been down this road I have some questions: How do I tell the kids? How do I help them believe that I am really coming back? What can I do to maybe help this become a learning opportunity to be studying about NYC? Is maline flat stanleys for my kids a weird thing to do? Anything to make this easier? Is this a crazy thing to do?


2 thoughts on “NYC Here I come!!!

  1. When the boys have stayed away with my parents, I gave them each something special to ‘take care of’ for me. I think that’s meant to reassure them that you’re returning!
    I also made a bit of fuss about taking photos of them with me (to look at when I miss them 😉 ).
    Hope you all manage to enjoy the break!

  2. Off the top of my head I would say to make it more about them “getting” to spend this amazing time having their own adventure. The fact that you will be having your own adventure is secondary to theirs. I love the idea of giving them a project or something to take care of. When you call and check in they can update you on how that is doing. And congrats on getting this time away!!!

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