Next Vacation in T-Minus 1 Day

We have 4 total vacation scheduled this summer. 3 to the cabin and 1 to meet up with my mom. This weekend (tomorrow really) is the start of the vacation to meet up with my mom. She lives about 6 hours away so we are meeting in a large city about halfway between us. We have 2 suites (read: plenty of room for 3 kids and 3 adults), a pool in the hotel, and a super laid back plan. Originally we talked about going to an amusement park with lots of people and rides, and then I laughed and laughed. My kids are not amusement park kids yet (as much as S wants to be). The plan is hanging out doing crafts, swimming, going to a zoo, and bowling. That’s it. And we have 3 days to get it done. I know the trip is about getting some quality face time in between my mom and my kids, but I have to admit there is something refreshing, something healing about going to see your mom. There is support and rebuilding that no one but your mom can do. There is just something about getting to see your mom that makes all the frustrations and heart ache of life melt away and I CANNOT WAIT!


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