Neuropsych Testing

The kids were all recommended to get neuro-psych testing for a variety of reasons. There was concern for prenatal drug exposure and effects as well as effects of trauma and neglect. The testing is done on S and in progress on C and P. I was wary of the testing at first, not sure how much of a benefit it would actually give, but since we have been to the feedback session for S’s testing it has been immensely beneficial. It let us know what was a “won’t” and what was a “can’t” for S. That has helped me (a bit) to not be so frustrated by her behaviors. Mostly, I’m excited for the school to get a copy of this assessment and eat their freaking words. Not that there is any resentment between me and them….. 🙂

If anyone out there in blog world on the fence about neuro-psych testing, I would DEFINITELY recommend it (even though it is a hassle)


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