The Truth about blogging

So here’s the truth about life as an adoptive parent (or at least MY life as an adoptive parents) and blogging. Most days I simply don’t have time. I have “written” countless posts in my head during busy days but never wound up by a computer to actually post it.

Looking back on many of my recent posts I have noticed an overall negative theme. Don’t get me wrong at times these past couple months things have been pretty negative, but not to the extent my blog posts would lead people to believe. There have been some amazing times. Times that completely melt my heart. I think I realized why things have been so negative on this blog. The only time I actually have time to sit and type is when I’m so fed up/exhausted/done with everything that I ask Joel for the night off. Those days tend to be the hard days because I would much rather be hanging out with the kids and having a normal family night. My goal for this upcoming school year (when 2 out of the 3 kids will be in school) is to update the blog on a more regular basis.

Until I can get around to that I want to share some awesome things that have been happening:

– My 3 kids and I ran the local Color run and it was AMAZING! We had 3 adults and 3 kids. My amazing sister-in-law, my friend, and myself each took a kid so the kids could run as fast or as slow as they wanted. We had a blast. The day before we had gotten the papers that would let us move forward to scheduling our finalization hearing. About halfway through the race P stopped and looked at me intensely and said “Me excited for court, but me not want to jump in that puddle” while looking at a green dyed puddle. Oh how their minds work.

– Today, very randomly, C referred to me as her “real” mom. Now, we don’t use the term “real” mom at all around here. I am mom, there is foster mom, birth mom, mom (birth mom’s name), ect, not real mom. It was really cool that she wanted to make sure the listener knew who I was in relation to her.

– We have a mother’s helper coming in (like PCA) to help out and she casually mentioned that her little daughter was sick and she needed to call the grandmother to tell her about the medicine. S looked at her and said, “Just bring her here, my mom can take good care of kids”. Why thank you S, I am trying my darndest.

There are so many more moments just like this! I hope to talk more about those moments when some free time (a la school year) comes my way. Thank you for all the support through the hard times!



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