Quick Recap

So it has been awhile since I posted with any regularity so I want to take this time to give short random updates on things. This will be a pretty scattered post but it will be good to catch up on things and then start fresh with writing regularly now that school has started back up.

  • We finalized this past August and it was an amazing and eventful day! The courthouse was pretty far from where we lived so we had to wake the kids up before 6am to get dressed and ready and be in the car. We had a special breakfast of donuts (bought the night before) and were all clean (showered the night before) and mostly made it through the day without any tired tantrums. The kids were a bit nervous, they hadn’t been to court much, if at all and weren’t sure what to expect. The judge was AWESOME and made it fun for the kids. The morning of court I gave Cayla and Skye some special jewelry to wear and Preston got to wear his cool bow tie. To Skye I gave my old twisty mood ring (on a necklace because her hands are soo small. In the middle of the proceedings she looked across the table to me and loudly asked what blue meant. Well with this color ring blue means relaxed, at ease, and lovable. (Heart – melted). The kids got to sit in the judges chair and bang the gavel (It was hard for Preston to bang the gavel while trying to cover his ears because it was loud, lol) then we took a ton of pictures. After our court was over we stayed to watch my kids’ bio-sisters court date. They were being adopted that same day! It was good for them to see that and to know that all the kids in the family had a safe and happy place to be. After we sat down I gave the kids the blankets I have been working on, that I started like forever ago! They each got one with a patch that said their names and “I choose you”. The song by Sara Bareilles has become our adoption theme song. Whenever it played this summer at the pool I would belt it out (hey, part of parenting is embarrassing your kids right?) At times I substituted you for Skye, Cayla Preston. It is awesome. We then all went out to breakfast and the kids did great asking for what they needed when it was too much and we went home and ended the day at the pool.
  • School has started and it is MUCH better than I anticipated. All 3 kids are in some type of school. We decided to give the public school system another shoot this year for a couple of reasons. We had a somewhat productive IEP meeting for Skye before school started and they are aware of some concerns we have about Cayla and are keeping an eye out. Another aspect is that we were curious to see how they did once they had been a bit more settled into our home and attached to us. I am happy to say that all the kids are doing great. Preston is loving preschool and didn’t even miss me when I wasn’t there (which was surprisingly emotional for this momma as he is my youngest) and is making friends. Cayla was very shy and nervous during open house and orientation but seems to be finding her groove now that she has been there more than a week. That first week was really rough on her though, she made it through school fine but was crabby and clingy and tired at home. She is also having allergies so that doesn’t help! We just did some more early bedtimes and a LOT of cuddle time, but she is doing better now. Skye is the child that has surprised me the most. She is doing great. SOOOO much different than last year. She is not coming home amping for a fight, does her homework easily (we asked for ability level-not grade level homework) and moves on with her night. She is doing well during the school day too! Not being sneaky or mean, making friends, and staying on task! She has even had 2 requests for play dates!!!!! Anyone who knows the issues we had last year knows how much of a big deal this is!
  • A year goes by quick. A year ago today Skye saw our house for the first time. A year ago this past Friday we met her for the first time. A year ago this upcoming Thursday we met Cayla and Preston for the first time. A year has gone by sooo fast. So much has happened, so much healing! The kids have grown an unbelievable amount, and so have Joel and I as we learn how to be parents together.
  • This fall is so much better than last fall! Last fall was amazing and eye opening, but this year we don’t have to work at being a family, we just ARE a family. We are able to go out and do things and have fun. That ever-present anxiety that was there last year just isn’t there anymore.
  • There is SOOO much more to talk about, but I am getting tried so I will pick this back up later

One thought on “Quick Recap

  1. Thank you for the updates. 🙂 I especially liked the comparisons to last year. It IS amazing how quickly the year has flown by! So happy for you and your new(ish) family! 😀

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