“No, OUR Mother”

This morning and for the past couple of days Preston has been obsessed with the chapter book Shiloh (sp?) A while ago a friend sent a bunch of books and when dividing them between the kids Preston was vocal about wanting the puppy book. We haven’t read it but he is being so persistent we may start (slowly) reading it.

Anyway for the past couple of days it has been constantly in his hands. This morning was no different. He was looking through it and Skye asked what it was. He said it was a book “but with just words”. He then told Skye that mom got it for him. The next part melted my heart and showed me how different two of my kids are.

Skye looked a bit confused and asked “Mom _____” (this is how we refer to birthmom with Mom and first name)

Preston looked even more confused and said “No, OUR mom” (please note they actually have the same birthmother). It was as if he had no other reference for mom other than me. He proceeded to come right next to me and kept repeating “no, our mom…you, mom” and I validated that yes I had given him the book.


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