Winning Re-defined

My last post was about fighting the unseen dragons in my daily life as a mom of 3 kids adopted from foster care. After writing that I realized that nothing I wrote about in that post will change any time soon. However, it is important to note progress. Even in difficult video game levels you find small progress such as not dying as soon, beating all the villains up to the boss, ect.

Since this battle we are fighting for our kids will be a long one but that does not mean no progress is made until the victory. Today I want to point out the progress we are making, focusing on each kid.

Skye: Skye can be the most helpful child or the most frustrating child (sometimes over the course of 2 minutes). Academically Skye is making a ton of progress and working hard. The school is slowly learning what she needs, academically. Socially things are hard. Skye has difficulty reading social cues and showing affection and friendship is acceptable ways. This is something we will continue to work on, but the progress we are seeing is that she doesn’t lie (or stick to an off the cuff lie to not get in trouble) and works with us to problem solve. At home Skye is a different child. She makes good choices, asks for what she needs and at times shows appropriate social skills. She is even cultivating healthy and age appropriate relationships with her siblings. It is amazing what stability, consistency, safety, and love can do!

Cayla: Cayla has been kicking butt in school! She is learning to read and letter sounds. Tonight we were eating Subway before grocery shopping and Cayla said “This says: Subway eat fresh” and it did! She is noticing words, letters, and numbers all over the place. Socially at school she is doing well. She is including other kids in her playing and is learning to use her words to ask to play with her instead of awkwardly staring at them. At the beginning of school she was SOOO tired but that has also gotten better. At home she is definitely the middle child and speaks up to get what she wants. We are working on respectfully asking instead of demanding.

Preston: We have seen such growth in Preston. He is such a typical 4 year old boy! He has started preschool and loves making friends and learning his letters. When Cayla comes home practicing sight words and math he almost falls over himself to learn it too and play the little games she plays to practice. He is probably to most attached kid as of now and if even warming up to Joel. One day he even asked Joel to tuck him in (but later got really tired and wanted me to, he’s a mamas boy when he is tired). He at times has trouble with respect and safe choices when he has been dressing up as super heroes and ninjas so for the time being we won’t be dressing up.

I also want to thank everyone we have in our life that is supportive and caring and helps us carry this load.


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