Thanksgiving Post (although a bit late)

Thanksgiving came and went and I though about posting but things have been crazy! I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it. This thanksgiving was so different from thanksgiving last year. A year ago we planned to spend the day with Joel’s parents but soon found out that a whole day outside of our house and school was too much for the kids. They has just moved in about a month before thanksgiving and everything was still soo new!

This year was so different. We planned an out of town visit to family in a different state. My sister just got back from two years in the Peace Corp and we all wanted to see her. The first problem to solve was hotel rooms. Last year in December we visited these same family members and we got a 2 queen hotel room. For a variety of reasons our kids cannot share beds so we had a regular size hotel room with 2 queen beds, a rollaway and a brought from home inflatable twin mattress. It was crowded to say the least! ANDY it was Christmas time to there were many presents to add to our small space. AND it was our first trip with the kids so I SOO overpacked. It was a pretty stressful trip.

This year I searched and searched for a better sleeping situation and found an amazing “Childrens Suite”. It is basically one whole hotel room with a king sized bed and a door connecting it with another half hotel room where there was a twin bunk bed. Each room had a dresser and tv. There was plenty of room for the inflatable mattress and no body went crazy!

Our trip went really well. The kids were open about things that were hard for them and let us help. Preston got sick while we were there and the road down was snowy but other than that we had a great trip. We hung with family, did crafts, played some family smash brothers, AND I even braved Black Friday shopping with the two girls where no body cried or got lost! It was fun.

It can be hard to step back from my day to day life of encouraging progress and keeping everyone safe and see the big picture. It’s hard to see the progress that the kids are making when I have such hi goals for them. Goals that they will live happy, healthy, safe lives. I clearly see every little thing standing in the way of that goal. All the poor choices and anxiety fueled behavior. All the lies and sadness. I need to be more mindful of also seeing the positives and growth that I have seen in my children. These growths are just one part of what I am thankful for.

For briefness sake, without further ado here is my list of things I am thankful for (in no particular order):

My incredible husband who works so hard every day to provide for our family. Who supports me in my desire to stay home and be with the kids. Who will drop everything and help when asked. Who loves me as much as I love him!

My three amazing kids and how much they fight each day for healing.

Our awesome church that loves, supports, and accepts our family just the way it is while offering us ways to growth spiritually.

God who walks with me through every daily struggle I encounter.

Living in America where I don’t have to worry about access to safe drinking water, health care, and a voice.

Access to healthy food and the ability to eat well be exercise.

Family who offers love and support through the miles. Who make sure they are a staple in my children’s lives, even through the miles.

Friends who are a breath of fresh air and an anchor to sanity when I need it.

Caring fellow adoptive parents that are there to listen and offer ideas and just be there to let me know I’m not the only one.

My past life experiences as they have made me who I am and give me unique insight into the lives and minds of my kids.

The Foster and respite providers that took such good care of my kids before I knew about them and who continue to love on them and pray for them.

Our PCA as she saves my sanity MANY days by giving me some time off.

My mom and sister for letting me tag along on their NYC trip.

Having friends that I can pop in and visit whenever and they are excited to see me.

Having disposable income to due both of those things.

My work experiences as it has helped me know what to ask for and demand for my kids.

My OCD as it makes all the adoption and just life paperwork easy to manage and organize.

That I get to pour my life into those around me to brighten days and show Gods love.


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