2014 Review and Update #1

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I posted. One of my goals in the new year is to be more regular in updating this blog. It is a good way to keep connected with others both near and far, but it also serves as a record of the changes my family is going through. When I look back at posts from a year ago it reminds me that we are always growing and learning. So this post will be a pretty random update about everything that has happened since the last post and I will work on getting more regular with updates.

  • My Momcation: In the middle of December I took a vacation, just me. It was weird and awesome. I first flew out to DC to visit with a friend for a couple of days before taking the train to NYC to meet up with my mom and my sister for a girls week there. We had planned a girls week to celebrate my sister getting back from the Peace Corps, where she was gone for 2+ years. I saw them over thanksgiving, but it is really hard to catch up and hang out when you have 3 littles to take care of. The trip was AMAZING! It filled up my soul with the patience and grace that had been missing in my interactions with my kids the past month (I was feeling burnt out). I was really worried about how to kids would behave while I was gone. I’m home with them 24/7 so it was a big change. We planned it so the kids could stay home and our amazing PCA wold come to get them ready for school and pick them up and Joel would take over the evenings and weekends. I prepared them A LOT (maybe too much) for me leaving. I got the girls each a necklace and gave a stuffed animal to Preston for him to take care of for me while I was gone. We also made flat stanley versions of each of them for me to take and I regularly sent home pictures of their flats doing different things. The week went fast but I was ready to come home! I am so a small town girl, the big cities were fun but intense. I couldn’t help but wondering how parents of kids with special needs raise them in NYC. It is so big and so chaotic and intense and crowded. My kids need their space and calmness.
  • Christmas: Oh we had such a fun Christmas this year and really surprised the kids! A little backstory, we don’t do Santa here. We talk about how Santa was a real person a long time ago (St. Nick) and how other families like to pretend that he is still around giving presents but moms and dads are Santa. The reason we do this is simple. In building trust with our kids we told them we would never lie to them. There are times when I say, “I can’t tell you”, or “That’s adult business”, but we don’t outright tell the kids things that are not true. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing that, just with my kids it is more important that they trust me than have that childlike wonder at this point in their lives. ANYWAY….this year we got some small toys and clothes for the kids but their big present was turning the basement into a gym. Now we have 2 trampolines, a balance beam, a punching bag, a spinner, and 2 gymnastics mats along with huge building blocks. We kept it a surprise until Christmas eve when Skye woke up when Joel and I were setting up the gym. She did a GREAT job of keeping it a secret until AFTER we opened all the presents upstairs. We told Cayla and Preston to grab some toys and we would play with them downstairs where we had more room. They were all so surprised! We have been using it a TON (until the next thing happened)
  • Epic Flu Epidemic of 2014/2015: In the week between Christmas and New Years our house got influenza. Well, not the actual house like the walls and stuff, but the people in it.  Skye was spending some time with an awesome friend who called and said her temp was 103 so we went to pick her up. The next day Preston was sick too so we went to the doctor who confirmed that it was influenza. Then Cayla has a weird 10 minute fever and Joel and I got a little sick. It was the first time all three kids had been sick at the same time and it was intense to say the least. On the bright side, the kids were great patients and mostly slept and vegged out. Skye even let me take care of her! The first night she was sick I was checking her temp really late at night and she said “I’m glad you adopted me, you know how to take care of sick kids”. My heart just melted. Since she has gotten better things have been a bit weird and she has been acting distant. I think it was hard for her to let me take care of her.

I can’t think of anything else, but I labeled this Update #1 in case a remember more to update on. Here’s to a great 2015!


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