I’ll be honest, I have a bit of a lead foot. Driving is just so boring! I feel like I am driving all the time to appointments, often long distances. I have been good about watching my speed when I have the kids but last Wednesday it happened. It was a too cold for school day and I had all 3 kids in the car because appointments don’t cancel. We were 10 miles from home and I saw a police car pull a quick u-turn and turn on their lights. I had about 10 seconds to prep the kids. Great time frame for trauma kids huh?

Well I slowed down and told the kids: “Mommy was going a little too fast just now. A police officer saw and is pulling me over. The police officer is doing a great job keeping people safe. Sometimes safe people make mistakes and that’s ok.”

So the police woman comes to the window and Preston yells “ITS A GIRL!!” I hand over my license and insurance card (originally handed her the insurance card for Joel’s car as I was flustered). She asked to see the kids and I agreed. She opened the sliding door and asked them all their ages and checked their car seats. Then she walked back to her cruiser. I told the kids that she wanted to make sure that they were safe and in the right car seats. I ended up getting a ticket (which I figured) and as is procedure the officer explained that I could pay it or go to the court date.

I don’t want to say the kids were calm up until this point but they were keeping it together. Here is where they lose it. Cayla most vocally. She said “You have to go to court?!?!” With a look of sheer horror. With the police officer still leaning in the window I explained to Cayla that if I wanted to argue and say I wasn’t speeding or if there was a good reason I was speeding (get to hospital) I could go and explain it to the judge. But I know I made a mistake so I will just pay the ticket.

The officer got back in her car and we drove the rest of the way home (very carefully). As soon as the car was shifted to drive the questions and anxiety flooded out of their mouths. Sometimes we get so settled into our lives that I forget where they came from. They feel so much like my kids and even though it’s only been a year I feel like they have always been here.

Since last Wednesday it has been painfully obvious that their start was anything but calm. Cayla was sure that the police were goi to show up at our door (once they let us leave, before that she asked what would happen to the kids and the car of the police took me). Preston upped the clingy factor and talked more about birth family. Skye asked questions I wish I had an answer to. Like what birth family was doing. If bad guys that were in jail were still in jail.

We are starting to settle down from that incident which is good. I wish I could say it would never happen again, but let’s be real.

Other than that, things have been really good. Skye is kicking butt at school. She is starting to be aware of popularity and social drama and I wish I had better advice that “Ya, girls are like that, find the ones that aren’t and be friends with them.” Cayla LOVES school and is starting to read. She loves homework and regularly asks me to give her harder work or a test. She is so my daughter! Preston is making friends at school and working really hard at writing his name. I’ve been able to volunteer in his classroom and it is always so interesting to see your kids in a different environment.


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