The letter to Birth Parents that I’ll never send…..

“I may not have given them life, but I will give them a life”

This is a beautifully written, honest, heart-wrenching look into the thoughts adoptive parents have towards birth family. I love how this ends, as a glimpse into the future for this family. I struggle with anger at what my kids experienced but this letter reminded me that those experiences ARE not the end. My kids, and all adoptive kids are and will be so much more! More to come about birth family contact soon.

The Family of 5's Journey

Dear Birth Parents,

Firstly I want to thank you for ‘creating’ my 3 beautiful children, I’d like to be able to thank you for more, but honestly I’m really struggling to find any good in the roles that you have played in their lives.

I think of you a lot, I wonder how much you think of them. I’m angry with you.

I’m angry that when my precious girls were supposed to be at their safest you began abusing them, filling their bodies with stress hormones, alcohol and drugs not to mention the physical abuse that took place between you both, they were abused and damaged before they were even born. I’m angry that when my sweet sweet daughters were tiny babies you were unable even then to put them first, instead believing that YOUR needs were paramount. I’m angry that your physical abuse towards one another has left my…

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One thought on “The letter to Birth Parents that I’ll never send…..

  1. It’s perfectly natural to feel angry towards those who have hurt our children. But finding forgiveness is critical for our little ones to heal. Our children love the parents that abused or neglected them, hard as that may be to believe. If we can help our children see that the behavior was bad AND that it’s still ok to love their birth family, a lot of our children’s internal conflict will disappear and they will be able to live at peace with themselves.

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