Car Ride Conversations

Today is one of our two therapy days during the week. We have missed some lately with the holidays and various sicknesses so it had been a while since we last went. Therapy is split into 2 days so no one child has to miss too much school.

Anyway we had some interesting conversations this morning. Here are just some short snip its:

P: What are those big sticky upy rocks? (pointing to a cemetery)

This led to a conversation about heaven and dying where much hilarity ensued

P: Can we eat in Heaven?

Me: Umm, no one is really sure but you won’t be hungry for sure.

C: So when we die we still live?

Me: Yes, kind of. If you have Jesus in your heart after you die your soul (the part that is inside and makes cayla cayla) goes to heaven and Jesus gives you a new body. But you can’t hang out or talk to the people still on earth anymore.

C: oh that is sad

Me: It is kind of sad, but it’s happy when you know that anyone who has Jesus in their hearts will be in heaven when they die so you will see them again.

P (getting a TON out of this deep theological discussion): I want to be sonic when I grow up.

Me: Well that’s an interesting idea. You can maybe get a job where you dress up as sonic but you will always be preston.

Random time listening to music

P: Can you swim in space

C: Ya and if you get dizzy you can put your hand on your head and count to 10

Me: it’s kind of like swimming but with no water.

Kids pretending to be in space for a while

C: Did your parents die?

Me: What? No. My parents are Papa and Grandma

C: Oh

More music

C (Talking to Preston although he doesn’t realize it): Sometimes people decide to not work on things and break up.

Me: What are you talking about Cayla?

C: You know, divorce

Me (Thinking WTH?): Yep sometimes people decide to not be together anymore

C: Why?

Me (Thinking about how we have had this conversation a million times): You know how sometimes it’s hard to be calm and talk about how you feel? Like if Preston stole your toys it would be hard to remember to stay calm and use your words? Well sometimes this is hard for grownups too.

C: Ya, that’s hard.

Me: Yep it’s tough. That’s why daddy and I are working really hard to help you learn to take breaks when you need it and calm down and use your words. Some grownups don’t know how to do that.

C: Oh like you did!

Me (Thinking, hmmm which time Cayla): When?

C: When you stood in the hallway because you were mad and then came back to my room and we talked about it. I was being naughty and said mean things. (Yep, now I remember, it was when C called me a B***h)

Me: Yep, that made me feel really angry so I needed to take a break.

C: Is that why you and dad don’t fight? Because you use your words?

Me (Secretly high fiving myself as Joel and I try SOOO hard not to argue in front of the kids): Kind of, daddy and I disagree and argue sometimes but we always use our words and be respectful

P: Mom what is this called? (Pointing to his new twins windbreaker)

Me: A windbreaker

P: Will you and dad stop working on it?

Me: Nope, never

*turning up the music bc I don’t know how much more deep and then not deep conversations I can have!

It is so interesting to get into their viewpoints and see what they remember. The B***h incident was easily a year ago but cayla remembered it like it was yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Car Ride Conversations

  1. Some of our most meaningful (and also weird conversations) take place in the car!
    I think our kids find it less threatening as there is no eye contact, aside from the rear view mirror.

  2. The car is the safest place we have. The things Hope asks me in the car but wouldn’t mention otherwise make my toes curl. It’s crazy! But we easily make the most progress on our on in that space.

  3. Love love love how you and Joel are parenting your kiddos! Kudos on the “using your words” tool. We all need tools in relationships and too many kids and adults don’t have healthy ones.

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