As I wrote this I am sitting in my living room watching the Super Bowl with Joel and the kids. I am the most well rested I have been in a while. Joel is so relaxed that I kept thinking he was tired. The kids are relaxing and Skye is filling out her new yearly planner with family birthdays.

Let me back up a bit. This weekend the kids went to respite. It was amazing! I am so thankful for amazing people in our lives that love the kids and want to hang out with them. Skye has an amazing lady that she met at her old school that wants her to come and have one on one girl time. Cayla and Preston’s old foster parents keep in contact with us and love having them come over. These are people that knew and loved our kids before Joel and I ever knew they existed. These are people that kept them safe and taught them what safety really means. They showed them love at a time when they didn’t know what love was. And then they graciously helped them transition to our home and help them begin to see us as their parents.

These people continue to open their homes and hearts to our kids. Who have welcomed Joel and I into their homes and families and plan to continue to love us and pray for us. Can I just say how much these amazing people have influenced are family for good.

As you probably know, sometimes parenting out kids is tough. I recently heard that parenting 1 child with trauma is like parenting 3 non-trauma children. By that math Joel and I are parenting equal to 9 non-trauma kids. Sometimes our energies are depleted and our patience is gone. Sometimes we fantasize about sleeping past 8am.

I am just so thankful that our kids have these amazing people, these ties to their past, these people who love them and pray for them. I am I thankful Joel and I have these supports that understand and support us. That not only will watch our kids but will enjoy it! That help the kids not realize it’s a break for Joel and I, only that it is a fun weekend for them!

I don’t really have much else to say other than it is amazing what 2 days break will do for replenishing your energy and patience and reconnecting with your spouse!


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