So this month has been crazy busy. We have had family visitors, 3 birthdays, and Valentine’s Day along with throwing a birthday party for a bunch of 10 year olds! So needless to say I haven’t had much time to think let alone blog! There has been so much healing and talking going on too that I don’t know where to start. Skye especially is trying to merge the two lives she has known in her brain and figure out the differences. We are seeing awesome attachment and many of our difficulties lately have been very normal kid stuff (and very normal mom reaction to healing kids, such as “if anyone says mom or asks for a hug one more time I’m going to lose it!” But I can’t because I’m glad they are healing and coming to me for what they need.)

Anyways, more in depth stuff later, today I want to share one story from each kid that made me smile.
Skye – Lately it has been VERY windy at our house. The wind sounds like a very bad ghost impression (wooooooooo) and is quiet loud at times. Since Skye sleeps in a different part of the house than Joel and I do she got very worried that someone was standing outside her window and yelling. Last night we stayed up late, the girls and I, because I was having Mary Kay lady come over and help me figure out makeup lol. And the girls came. It was adorable! Anyway. I let or dog outside to go to the bathroom and then tucked Skye in. She was very concerned about the noise so I opened her shades to show her that nothing was there. Well, that would have been helpful IF NOTHING had been there but Skye’s window looks right out on where the do was and she screamed and freaked out because she saw something running with a tail. I tried to open her window and call the dog so she could see it was just him but it was too cold and he refused to go back outside. I found it pretty funny (especially since she did eventually get to sleep)

Cayla – Like I said last night I had a Mary Lat Party, well not so much a party as a Mary Kay lady came over and helped me learn to be girly. Since I have girls I figured I should try! Anyway Cayla is the epitome of a girly girl. She was soooo excited about the makeup that she excused herself (MULTIPLE times) to scream into a pillow on the couch as she was so excited! It was ADORABLE!

Preston – Lately Preston has been fascinated with the idea of death and heaven. Of how and when people die and what happens then. What heaven is like and if there is winter there and would I still watch while he played. Well, I don’t have the answers for him but I assure him I will be his mom forever and ever and even in heaven (not sure how theologically accurate this is but he is 4) and that no he will probably not die before me as I am older but that only God knows when people will die. Needless to say these are pretty deep conversations for car rides (where all the intense conversations seem to happen). Anyway, yesterday after we dropped the girls off at school and Preston and I went to run an errand (can I just say that I’m going to miss him when he is in school next years youngest is going to kindergarten! WHAT?!?!) we drove by the cemetery. Out of nowhere (we hadn’t talked about it since the day before) Preston said “Mom, a long time from now, when I’m like 5 I’ll bring flowers to you. You know, when you are dead.” Sweet, I guess! Lol we talked about how I’m going to be around for a LONG LONG TIME (God willing) but that if I die it is ok to remember me and think about me.

All 3 kids – bonus story!!! So the topic of death came up again today on our long drive out of town with all 3 kids for appointments. Preston was wondering who would take care of them if Dad and I die. Cayla chimed in that Skye would. I let them know that Dad and I don’t plan to die until they are old grownups and then they can take care of themselves. They asked what would happen if we died before then. I assured them that Dad and I had a plan and if we both died there would be people to take care of them such as grandparents. Cayla asked why Skye wouldn’t if we died when she was a grownup but before Cayla and Preston were grownups. I let them know that when you become a grownup you can do lots of things but you still have some learning to do before you are ready to take care of other people. That I wanted Slye to be able to live and learn and be a young adult. So regardless of when Joel and I die it would not be Skye’s job. Then Skye said “Ya and that is a hard thing I have to learn”.

My kids are healing and learning. They are figuring out pretty big issues (especially Skye) and at times their questions leave me speechless. I’m slowly learning what the underlying question is beneath their questions and how to respond to what they are saying.


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