Can’t call in sick to life!

Lately I’ve been off my game. I have a painful growth on a nerve in my foot. The doctors aren’t really sure what it is but they know it has to come out so surgery is scheduled soon. Until then there is nothing they can do about the constant shooting pain. This makes it hard to function and do daily life and parent my kids. 

I am blessed to have an amazing husband to carry the extra burden and awesome kids but it is still tough. Today made me really realize how much I need to be present for the kids. Today was a TOUGH pain day and I honestly just wanted to stay in bed and off my feet. That’s not to be. We had appointments and volunteering and school drop offs and pick ups and home organizing none of which could wait for a better pain day. Well home organizing could have but you know. 

Anyway today when Joel got home he and Skye headed to the grocery store and Cayla and Preston stayed home with me. We are loving the bookcases in our living room so they were picking out books to read (including the bible and dictionary) and they pulled down some photo albums. One happened to be a photo album they birth grandma made of different members of their birth family. This brought up a range of questions and sadness and wants to see people that I honestly wanted to just ignore and move past. But being a parent is not about me. So through my pain I needed to be an understanding sympathetic mother. We talked about it and I hope I was understanding and calm. Then we moved on as quickly as it started. Then the kids moved on to something else. 

Later in the night the kids found the kids bible and prayer books and we did a lot of impromptu learning and the kids were very adorable. Cayla even wrote this impromptu “book”


After reading this to everyone Skye said “I bet God was listening and he feels happy”


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