So as you know I had been in pain lately. Well surgery went well and I’m healing. The kids have handled it like champs and were great helps without going overboard into care taking and parentification (fine line to walk). 

During one of the more difficult pain days I made a mommy mistake. You see the pain I was in was nerve pain and there really isn’t any kind of medicine or remedy that I could use in the weeks prior to surgery. When in pain sleeping is hard. So one day, after the girls were in school and Preston was at his 2.5 hour preschool I laid down for a nap. When it was time to go get him I didn’t hear any of my alarms I woke up 45 mins later to the ringing of my phone. My father in law was trying to reach me and my husband was on his way home to get Preston. Preston meanwhile was at preschool hanging out with his teachers eating lunch (yep I abandoned my child over lunch). I quickly woke up and picked up a confused Preston. Joel made it home and we chatted with Preston about how mommy made a mistake and she’s so sorry and there is a plan so this doesn’t happen again. We discussed how everyone makes mistakes and the difference between safe and unsafe people is what happens after the mistake. Do they apologize and try to make it right or do they deny there was a mistake and make the victim or person effected feel bad?

The next morning as Preston walked into school I told him that I would be sure to be there to pick him up. That I promised I would not forget him. He turned around, as if he was super annoyed and said “Ya, I know Mom. Everyone makes mistakes.”

I felt bad for awhile (still do to be honest) but at the very least we use these for good. At the very least my kids know that I screw up and what to do if they do. 


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