You never know what to expect!

One of my favorite parts of the journey for the past 18 months is watching my children really coming into themselves. They went from well mannered guests to the testing and acting out phase (which is not really over, probably won’t ever be as they are, you know, kids) to growing into their own person. Watching their personalities, their likes and interests form is such a joyful thing. To know that they feel safe enough to just be them, just be kids is encouraging. 

The child that has made the most noticeable changes in this area is Cayla. She is a hoot!!!! Honestly, when she gets ready to talk you really don’t know what’s going to come out. She is always so serious so you have to steel yourself from laughing no matter what (and sometimes fail). 

For example, this morning Cayla was playing nicely and quietly in her room and then went quickly to the bathroom. She pulled me aside after to tell me “Mom, I had a lot of candy and cake in my room and I ate it all and now I have diarrhea” I was amused and concerned about how I could miss that much food hoarding. I mean we hadn’t had cake in months! I asked her to show me and she showed me a puzzle of food and said she “ate” it. Lol!!! 

I wrote this post about a week ago and then some shizz hit the fan and I thought it was too rosy for what we were going through. I’m glad I decided to still post it bc life can change quickly but it’s good to know enough to enjoy the good!


2 thoughts on “You never know what to expect!

  1. Hey, Katie!! We must have been thinking the same things today. I just blogged about all of the unexpected, small changes that happen when you become a foster parent. Maybe this is similar to how you’ve changed as your family’s grown in the past 1.5 years!

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