1 funny story and 1 realization 

Ok first for the funny story. So Joel and I aren’t super lovey dovey romantic all the time. I mean we love each other and the kids know but not big into romantic gestures. Well the other day Joel brought home some roses for me. When he was giving them to me I heard Cayla and Preston in the background using quiet little voices full of awe “They’re getting married again!!!” They were so excited it was hard to have to tell them that we only get married once but love each other always. 


Ok now on to the realization. Spring has officially hit our area with warmer (not warm enough for me!) temps so we have been getting out more. I have come to the realization that our children are outside children. On days we go to the park or play outside they are funny and happy and just good times had by all. If it is rainy or we don’t go out even with the fun stuff we have in our house we just pick and pick at each other! And by “we” I mean the kids, mostly. So here’s hoping the weather stays nice and we can be outside all the time soon!


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