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This is an awesome reminder!

The Thai That Binds

I just read this in a group we are a part of on Facebook. Perhaps it will be useful to you if you are bringing home a child anytime soon (or if you didn’t know this still applies to our family). These are the words I was looking for!

______ been in an orphanage for the past 6 years, with little meaningful adult contact. She’s a remarkably adjusted and lovely girl, but she’s learning a lot right now about families and relationships. Right now, as far as emotional relationships, the only thing _____ and I have over any stranger on the street is about 2 months of time. We don’t have a long history of fixing her boo-boos, proving our trustworthiness, and providing for her needs. Without those memories in her “bank”, we’re pretty interchangeable for anyone else that can provide a few months of clothes and food. That parent-child…

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