Countdown to SUMMER

We have under a week left of school for the girls. Preston is already done! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! This latest transition is effecting the kids SOOO differently. It’s hard as a mom to meet the needs of all 3 when they need such different things!

Skye – she has always had a tougher time in school. Fighting with the school for the supports she needs has been an ongoing struggle. One I have included PACER in lately. She is barely holding it together but she is trying so hard! The transition combined with hormones (ugggg, puberty) is difficult. Trying to teach a hormonal pre-teen that she has to show respect regardless of what she feels is difficult. It’s something I’m still trying to learn myself! Using her words and keeping it together during the school days have been tougher. Her relationship with me has been more antagonistic and I’m trying to be calm and collected but it can get hard. Regardless of the difficulties Skyr is rocking it academically. She is reading much better (I even caught her reading after bedtime one night and I couldn’t even be mad) and is working on long division and fractions! In only 2 full years of school and spotty attendance before that she has learned soooo much! And she is simultaneously trying to figure out social situations as well as living life in a family. 

Cayla – she loves school. Well, loves the learning and the fun but has trouble at times with peers. I cannot believe that she is finishing kindergarten! She has grown so much this year. She is reading and writing her own stories and notes to people. She has a drawing journal used to draw Joel and I pictures when she was in school. Sometimes (especially when tired) she takes things personally that really aren’t. Like if she and a friend agreed to spend choice time playing in the kitchen and then her friend choose to do blocks instead she would get very sad and say her friend was being mean to her. Completely normal kid feeling and we are working on perspective and people changing their minds. I think we will finish that lesson in about 20 years. 😋 She is bummed that summer is coming as she loves school but has asked to make some play dates to see her friends this summer and is excited for her birthday party and summer school with me. 

Preston – He is already done with school. If you are Facebook friends with me see the side by side pictures of his first and last day of school. I swear he grew about 6 inches. He had fun in school. Sometimes it was difficult for him to keep a calm body during “learning time” but he’s a 4 year old boy! Joel and I debated having him do another year of preschool since he has a summer birthday. He’s on a waiting list for a 4 day preschool but current plan is to send him to kindergarten. He’s a boy and I don’t know that a year will change his crazy boy-ness but also because he has made such good friends this year that are moving on to kindergarten. Academically he is right on track and we will work this summer on different preparedness stuff. Who knows, maybe a slot for the 4 day preschool will open up and we will change our minds. Man, trying to make such a long term decision is difficult! He’s having a hard time with the idea of being away from me all day next year. Recently I went with Cayla on a field trip and was gone for the day. That night when I was tucking Preston in he cried and said he missed me all day. That will be a hard transition whenever he has to make it. 


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