Today summer starts! Today Skye and Cayka finished their school year. It was a year full of bumps and challenges but also full of hope and growth! The kids physically grew SOOOO much! That’s good because they had a lot of catching up to do. We grew and bonded as a family and overcome a lot of challenges. We have learned more about our kids and what they need. Where to be strict and were to be flexible. We have watched them develop into their own unique personalities and loved getting to know them as they become more comfortable. 

Today we worked together as a family to pack and get to our vacations. I got to see my kids so excited (like silent screams and saying things like “just calm down Cayla, we’re not there yet”) I got to see the kids be respectful even when tired and cramped. I saw kids using their words and asking for what they need. 

When we got to the vacation I saw them voicing their concerns (about bears and mom being eaten by one when I said I would keep them safe no matter what) and see them make up their own games and play in the same yard my grandma, dad and I played in when we were young. 

Today I feel so unbelievably blessed. Will we have hard times adjusting to the summer? Absolutely! But I am confident that together as a family we can meet those challenges!


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