Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am 25 years old, married, and work full time as a therapist with kids. I have started this blog to document and share two very important journeys progressing in my life right now.

The first journey is the “first” simply because it has been going on longer. Since 06/01/2011 to be specific. This journey is my journey to health and fitness. I have been running (slowly but surely), working out, and doing Weight Watchers to make my lifestyle healthy. In this process I have lost 40+ pounds but still have a way to go.

The second journey has begun more recently and is my husband and my journey to adoption. Due to a variety of reasons, which I am sure I will get into on this blog, we have decided to adopt. We are hoping to adopt a sibling group from the Minnesota foster care system. We have just started and still have a lot of waiting, learning, and (of course) paperwork left to do. However, we are very excited about this!

–Update as of 4/16/13–

Now I am 26, still working as a therapist with kids but the journeys have changes.

Report on the first journey is not the best. I am sad to say that the fitness journey has gone on the back burner and the weight has found its way back to me.

Report on the second journey is much more difficult to concisely update. Throughout the past year or so our journey has transformed and taken on a life of itself. Joel and I are currently in the final stages of being licensed as a county foster home. We have withdrawn our names from the adoption process and are excited about opening our home to kids in need, be it for a day or a lifetime.


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