Wish List

Below is an updated list (as in, not foster care but adoption wish list) what we think we may need during this amazing adoption care journey. Joel and I also have a specific Amazon.com wish list, but since it has my address I will not be posting it here. Leave your email on the comments page or find me on Facebook as the link will be posted there as well.

The ones at the tops are the things we think are most necessary and when anyone asks what we need we will say support and fellowship (hence the bold and italics). Thank you for surrounding us with a well-equipped, loving, caring village to help us raise the children in our care.

  • Support in the form of emails, texts, phone calls, and hugs
  • Girls Night Out/Boys Night Out
  • Inviting us over for lunch/dinner, coming over to our house for lunch/dinner (breakfast is off the table as that is too early!) to get to know our kids
  • Time Timer (2) – Best Tool Ever when working with kids!!
  • Booster Seats for Kitchen Chairs (2)
  • Children’s Books
  • Arts and Crafts Supplies

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