Getting ready for kids!

First off, let me say we have no news and are still waiting for the social worker. Joel and I have decided to not wait so idly by. Once we get the match, the last thing that we will want to do is get dressers ready and buy the small things like hangers and laundry baskets. So, we got it all already. I found 3 dressers at a garage sale and fixed them all up (pictures to come) so they look all fancy. We have gotten organizational bins, pillows, laundry baskets, lamps, alarm clocks, and hangers for all 3 extra rooms. If we only get matched with 2 kids we will just have extra of everything for the extreme likelihood that things will break with kids.

It feels great to be getting the house ready for kids. Getting everything ready makes the waiting MUCH easier! After rooms are set up (which should be done by next tuesday) the only things left will be clothes and decorations which of course the kids are key in those things. Following that I have plans to make a reading corning in the basement and then to knit my little heart out to get the more progress done on the blankets.


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